Ondarun - Racing team manager

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Ondarun 3 is the new version of the racing team manager game online since 2008.<br> <br> Become a racing team manager and follow the "TODO LIST" which gives you fundamental things to do.<br> Ondarun offers you the choice between 1107 different cars.<br> You'll have to recruit staffs like : Driver, mechanics, engineers, trainers, physiotherapists and doctors.<br> <br> In order to reach your races, you'll have to transport them city to city, between the 1000 cities that Ondarun have.<br> <br> Your team will be placed in a group of 24 teams against which you compete during all the season<br> <br> Once the season ending, if your teams is in the first rangs of your group you're promoted to higher division.<br> The aim is to reach the higher division (the championship).<br> <br> Will you be good enough ?<br> <br> Ondarun 3 is in some key value :<br> - 1107 different car<br> - 6 different type of staff<br> - 11 different type of engines<br> - 14 different type of gearbox<br> - about thousands parts<br> - around a thousand cities